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Carolina was well represented in the Miles for Wellness Challenge 23: Traversing the Southern Capitals of the United States, which took place from March 15 to May 9. Carolina’s 36 teams numbered more than all other participating state universities combined and contributed 168,881,899 steps (84,441 miles) to the overall challenge—that’s nearly 3.5 times around the earth for UNC teams!

During this eight-week virtual team-based walking challenge, teams of 10 competed against 287 other teams across the state to travel a virtual trail leading to 16 state capitols from Raleigh, North Carolina, to Phoenix, Arizona.

Sponsored by the Total Rewards Division of the Office of State Human Resources, this challenge encourages teams of state employees to achieve a daily goal of 10,000 steps, or the equivalent of five miles. Challenges take place twice a year, with participating teams divided into four categories (tortoise, hare, super hare or bionic hare) according to the weekly step averages.

Special congratulations to team ACE Fitness for walking the most steps (8,492,104) of all UNC teams. Thank you to all who participated and continued to make physical activity a priority throughout the spring semester.

The next Miles for Wellness Challenge will begin August 30, 2021. Registration information will be available later this summer. Click here to learn more about Miles for Wellness.


Miles for Wellness Challenge 23 Results: UNC-Chapel Hill Teams

Bionic Hare Division
Team Name Team Captain Team Total Steps
ACE Fitness Beth Thompson 8,492,104
RadBioFish Ashley Hester 6,747,690


Super Hare Division
Team Name Team Captain Team Total Steps
BCAS Road Warriors 1 Jennie Vaughn 7,888,017
Twister Blister Janet Steele 7,787,233
Going the (Social) Distance Tiffany Williams 6,856,656
Not Fast Just Furious Jonathan Fish 6,444,756
The Tranquilizers Malgorzata Karpala 6,215,318
Safe at Any Speed Kristel Robison 5,974,631
We Are Pharmily – Team One Angela Lyght 5,751,853
Read it and Weep Nicole Basile 5,043,829


Hare Division
Team Name Team Captain Team Total Steps
BCAS Road Warriors 1 Jennie Vaughn 7,888,017
Twister Blister Janet Steele 7,787,233
AAP Walk and Rollers Lora Wical 5,010,555
BCAS Road Warriors 2 Jennie Vaughn 4,800,575
Oh Great…Exercise Susan Chen 4,753,636
The Animals Tracy Heenan 4,741,046
Allied Health Steppers 2 Eileen Burker 4,639,750
UNC Energizers Jamie Smedsmo 4,624,483
Steps for SILS Lori Haight 4,609,836
Allied Health Steppers 1 Dani Shirey 4,543,696
Southern Striders Celeste Cantrell 4,529,966
Grad School Steppers Abby Mitcham 4,421,207
UNC Global Ed Center #2 Melissa McMurray 3,747,851
TraCS Trekkers Victoria Samayoa 3,739,383
Electromechanical Tortoises Alice Pollard 2,774,638
BCAS Road Warriors 3 Jennie Vaughn 2,707,587
Missteps Alison Kieber 2,143,784


Tortoise Division
Team Name Team Captain Team Total Steps
UNC OHR Walking Frenzies Jessica Pyjas 3,929,738
Red Hot Chili Steppers Pender Wendy Pender 3,524,431
Sweat Equity Tracy Wetherby Williams 3,523,332
TraCS Trailblazers Victoria Samayoa 3,022,237
We Are Pharmily – Team Two Angela Lyght 2,925,959
Pandemic Pacers Jameceia Holliday 2,527,878
The Bibliophiles Nicole Basile 1,955,026
CEDAS Walks Lindsay Cortright 1,859,592
UNC Chillies Stacy Keast 948,376


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