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HR Officers,

You were recently copied on a note to Deans and Vice Chancellors indicating that any currently approved Flexible Work Location Pilot plans are being extended through March 31, 2022, assuming Deans and Vice Chancellors would like for their approved programs to continue. If there are additions or changes to their current plans, they were asked to work with their HR Officer to submit a new template. Below is information on how to submit additions or changes to the plans and other activities related to the pilot templates:

  • If you are submitting additions or changes to your unit’s plan, please request a new template via an email to Your previously submitted template will be returned to you with updates for new hires, terms, job changes, etc. You can then make any proposed revisions to that template and submit it via email to
    • If the specific days an employee was identified to be on-site have changed for an employee since the original plan, there is no need to indicate a change for that employee on a new template unless the “% on-site” time has changed.
    • Attached are the Guidelines for Consideration as a Flexible Work Location Pilot Group which were distributed when the original pilot templates were submitted. The same guidelines are in effect.
  • Submissions will go through the existing review process and your Dean/Vice Chancellor will be informed of approvals as soon as possible upon completion of the review. Once the plan is approved, the Dean/Vice Chancellor should communicate decisions in writing to employees who are newly approved for the pilot as soon as possible after receiving the approval. Attached is a sample notification letter that can be sent once the plan is approved.

Please note, as an aside, there are some units whose original Flexible Work Location Pilot Plan templates had information in the “% On-Site” field (column U) which was formatted in a way that made the data unloadable to ConnectCarolina (i.e., it was a range, text instead of a number, etc.). The HRIM team will reach out to HR Officers in those units for clarification where needed so that all pilot data from the original plans, as well as from any new submissions, can be loaded into ConnectCarolina.

If you have any questions about submitting additions/changes to your unit’s Flexible Work Location Pilot Plan, please feel free to reach out to me.

Linc Butler
Associate Vice Chancellor for Human Resources


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