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November is a time to bring attention to diabetes. This year’s focus is on managing diabetes by building your health care team.

Diabetes occurs when your blood glucose, commonly referred to blood sugar, is too high. It affects 37 million American adult and children, including 12.4% of the North Carolina adult population. If uncontrolled, it can cause damage the eyes, kidneys, nerves and heart, and is linked to some cancers.

Tips to help manage diabetes & build your health care team:

  • Understand that you are the center of your care. Learn as much as you can about diabetes and talk with your primary care provider about how to get the support you need.
  • Begin managing diabetes as early as possible. Talk with your primary care provider about how you can manage your diabetes, follow the ABCs, and create a diabetes care plan.
  • Build your diabetes health care team.
  • A team of health care professionals can tailor your care for your specific needs. Other than your primary care provider, you may also include a nutritionist and a certified diabetes educator and any other health care professionals recommended by your primary care provider.

  • Start with small changes to create healthy habits. Consider joining a support group that teaches stress management techniques and ask for help if you feel down, sad or overwhelmed. Prioritize sleep to get at 7 to 8 hours each night for improved mood and energy.
  • Make physical activity and healthy eating part of your daily routine. Try to be active most days of the week and follow a diabetes meal plan.

Are you at risk for developing type 2 diabetes?

Take a quick 7-question assessment of your risk for developing type 2 diabetes. Talk to your health care provider and take a blood test to find out your actual risk.

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