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The Outstanding Encouragement of Learning and Development (OELD) Award is awarded annually by the Office of Human Resources to a supervisor who actively facilitates the participation of staff members in learning activities. An eligible supervisor encourages employees to attend classes and programs that are relevant to professional development, and the University recognizes supervisors who support a more engaged, productive workforce.

The award is presented at the annual meeting of the University Managers Association in May, and includes 24 hours of paid time off. This year’s recipient of the OELD Award is Aisha Pridgen, Director in the Office of Student Conduct.

Aisha Pridgen
Aisha Pridgen receives the University Managers Association Award for Outstanding Encouragement of Learning and Development. May 22, 2018.
(Jon Gardiner/UNC-Chapel Hill)

In her nomination of Aisha Pridgen, a colleague said, “Working for Aisha, I have had more professional development than I could have imagined. Aisha has an incredible appreciation for diversity of thoughts and opinions. I believe it is because of this that she so values professional development opportunities, whether they appear to be directly related to my job description or not.

“From the time of my interview, she was clear that she expected her staff to push themselves and would not question attendance to any professional development. All she has asked is that I apply what I learn to better myself, personally and professionally, and offer anything I find applicable to the office and to the work we do every day. She has guided me through selecting intentional professional development conferences that are aligned specifically with my work in Conduct and with what my long term professional goals are. At our staff meetings, she encourages me to reach back to prior trainings to apply the learning. Aisha asks what we want, what we don’t yet have, and how she can support us reaching our development goals.”

Learn more about the OELD Award.

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