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During the three weeks of October’s Open Enrollment period you will be able to make changes to your benefits plans. The changes you make during this period will go into effect Jan. 1, 2024.

What to know about this year’s Open Enrollment:

  • No rate increases for the State Health Plan.
  • Everyone defaults to the 70/30 health plan for 2024; if you want the 80/20 health plan, you MUST take action to select enrollment in that plan.
  • Make sure you do your tobacco use attestation during Open Enrollment or you will pay $60 more a month in premiums.

You will use two enrollment portals to make your benefits selections:

  • State Enrollment Portal for ONLY the State Health Plan and tobacco attestation (new this year – last year this portal included a few other options that have moved to the UNC System Enrollment Portal).
  • UNC System Enrollment Portal for all other benefits plans.


Tobacco Attestation

If you are a tobacco user, you don’t need to wait until October to save $60 on your monthly premium credit for the 2024 State Health Plan — take action now!

Through Nov. 30, 2023, tobacco users can attend a tobacco cessation counseling session at their Primary Care Provider’s office for FREE to earn a wellness credit that will reduce the monthly premium for employee-only coverage under the State Health Plan. If you completed a session last year and have continued to use tobacco products, you must complete another session to earn the credit for 2024.

If you are NOT a tobacco user, you will simply need to attest to that online during Open Enrollment, Oct. 9-27, 2023, to save $60 on your monthly premium credit.

* ALL employees must complete a tobacco attestation every year. *

Find out more on the Tobacco Attestation Information page of the State Health Plan website.


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