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Laughter, humor and play to reduce stress


Professional comedians shouldn’t be the only people to use smiling, laughter, humor and play as part of their daily routine. These skills are valuable for everyone. A good smile has long been a key tool for anyone who needs to … Continued

Breathing Techniques to Relieve Stress and Improve Health


Stress can compromise healthy breathing habits, but practicing breath work can reduce anxiety, encourage sleep, and in some cases, lower blood pressure. Participants will experience a variety of quick, easy breathing techniques during this course, and share back their results. … Continued

Emotional Intelligence


Implementing discipline over our emotional life is difficult and requires lifelong practice. Being able to choose to act or respond in a particular manner is preferable to re-acting on a consistent basis, yet it is difficult. Enhancing emotional intelligence improves … Continued

Lunch & Learn: Managing My Money sponsored by Fidelity Investments

AOB 1501-A 104 Airport Drive, Chapel Hill, NC

Make the most of your benefits and meet your financial goals. Join Workplace Financial Consultant, Michael Kitto, CRPC® to learn ways to identify the three core components of a sound budget, how to build (or rebuild) your emergency savings fund … Continued

Strategies for Improving Your Finances


The current economic climate brings both challenges and opportunities from a financial perspective. You may wonder during these challenging times: “What should I be most careful about” and “What should my family and I work towards?” The 10 financial tips … Continued

Mental Fitness for Optimal Brain Power


For a long time, the scientific community believed we were born with a certain number of brain cells and neural pathways and that, once damaged, they could not be repaired. In reality, our brains are much more flexible. Depending on … Continued

Using Kindness to Achieve Personal Success and Happiness


Kindness is an admirable aspiration for anyone, and it also can be an effective way to achieve success. By being concerned about others we can build relationships and gain support. By serving others we can be happier about ourselves. Kindness … Continued