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Hiring EHRA Non-Faculty Employees

January 6, 2017

…a Healthcare Environment are required to comply with the University’s EHS policies and procedures regarding vaccines, medical surveillance or other required safety training within the first 10 days of your employment. Questions about which positions are impacted by this policy should be directed to the appropriate School/Division. The Department and/or School/Division is responsible for ensuring this requirement is met. It is encouraged that a De…

SHRA Temporary Employment

June 2, 2017

…partment’s payroll This policy applies only to SHRA temporary employees.   Policies SHRA Temporary Employment Policy SHRA Temporary Employment Procedure   For more information Contact the units below to learn more about hiring temporary employees for specific position types. EHRA Non-Faculty temporary employees EHRA Personnel Administration unit Part-time or adjunct faculty Academic Personnel Office Federal Work-Study student employees Office of S…

Hiring Tools

April 12, 2019

…terview Schedule (Tier II Senior Position) Sample Rubric Global Employment & Hiring Extending an Offer & Acceptance To expedite the recruitment process, take advantage of the ability to make a contingent offer while the background check is in process Notify finalists in a timely manner if they were not selected, and ensure the posting is properly closed so that all non-selected applicants are notified of their final status Ensure your candidate pr…

Focus Areas

January 9, 2017

…ills It Takes All Types: Introduction to MBTI Customer Service Skills MBTI & Stress: Webinar Valuable Presentation Skills *Train the Trainer Leadership The Leadership Focus Area is for University employees who are interested in sharpening their leadership skills, as well as learning to identify and take advantage of opportunities to lead. Participants in this group will gain a clear understanding of the differences between leadership and managemen…

Faculty Recruitment & Employment

May 22, 2023

…Eligibility Verification & Form I-9 Registering Faculty for Orientation   Policies & Procedures Background Checks for Faculty and Non-Faculty Employees, Student Employees, and Affiliates Background Check Supplemental Procedures EHRA Recruitment and Selection Procedures Employment of Related Persons (Nepotism) (pdf) External Professional Activities for Pay Faculty Appointment Service Periods Individual Conflicts of Interest and Commitment Qualific…

Child Care Programs

January 4, 2017

…en LearningTM. Call to enroll your child today! Childcare Matters Day Care & Preschool 825 North Estes Drive | Chapel Hill, NC 27514 | 919-929-8190 10% discount off tuition rate for one child. Close to UNC, on the bus line and plenty of parking. Accepts families that qualify and accept state subsidy programs. Redeem with UNC One Card. KinderCare Save 10% on childcare tuition. Explore saving on Working Advantage with code: Working Advantage. Redeem…

Minimum Salary Requirements for EHRA Non-Faculty

January 6, 2017

…ressed by SHRA temporary employee status. Post-doctoral fellows are subject to minimum salary requirements as prescribed by the University’s post-doctoral scholar policies and are not governed by the above salary guidelines. EHRA Non-Faculty Salary Structure    …

Guidelines for Review of Certain Administrative Officers

August 1, 2017

…sity of North Carolina at Chapel Hill and with the supplemental document, “Policies Concerning Senior Administrative Officers of The University of North Carolina,” approved by the Board of Governors. While this procedure is required to be followed in the performance review of officers whose evaluation is the direct responsibility of the Chancellor, officers conducting reviews at other levels may well wish to apply the same or a similar procedure….

Upcoming TIM System Update

January 9, 2024

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