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philip jones

We talked to Philip Jones, Director of Social Media for UNC-Chapel Hill, about what he loves most about working here at Carolina.

If you follow UNC’s accounts on Twitter, Instagram, or Facebook, you see Philip and his team at work every day. But let’s learn a little more about the man behind the keyboard and camera.

OHR: What do you love about working at UNC?

PJ: What I love about working here at Carolina is that my job is to literally showcase how much there is to love about Carolina. Getting to work with communicators all across campus to highlight the people, places and things that set Carolina apart is definitely an honor. Even though I went to school here and have been a lifelong Carolina admirer, I learn something new about this place every day and that’s pretty awesome.

OHR: What is your favorite location on campus?

PJ: It’s so hard to pick just one favorite place on campus. I lived in Stacy my freshman and sophomore years, so I get pretty nostalgic about the OCLQ and the areas around North Campus near Stacy, such as Battle Park and the Forest Theatre. With the memories I have there, the natural beauty of all the trees and the traditional architecture of the residence halls, I’d have to call that general area my favorite location on campus.

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