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General Information

The EPAWeb Personnel Action system is a web-based application that is used to process personnel actions for employees of the University who are Exempt from the State Personnel Act (EPA). This system encompasses personnel actions for all categories of EPA employees including faculty, EPA non-faculty, EPA temporary employees, and EPA students.

Accessing EPAWeb with your Onyen

Access to EPAWeb requires the Microsoft Internet Explorer (IE) web browser version 6.0 or later, a UNC-Chapel Hill Onyen and password, and a University FACS ID. The system is accessed through the Human Resources Central web page, which can be displayed by pointing your web browser to: https://itsapps.unc.edu/hrweb/
Log in to Human Resources Central with your UNC-Chapel Hill Onyen and password. If you need assistance with your Onyen, please see the ITS Onyen Services web page.
It is strongly recommend that you set-up the Onyen Services Challenge-Response Password Reset System. This system will enable you to easily reset a lost or forgotten Onyen password without having to personally come to the ITS Response Center and show identification. You can set-up and access the Challenge-Response Password Reset System by pointing your web browser to https://onyen.unc.edu/cgi-bin/unc_id/chpwqa.pl.

Access Set-Up for Individuals and Departments

Initial accesses to EPAWeb and access changes or removal are coordinated by the HR Applications Support Help Desk. The Help Desk has created a series of forms depending on what type of access or access change is needed. For links to current versions of all the relevant EPAWeb departmental and user set-up and change forms, click here. The forms are also available from the EPAWeb User Guide.
Please note that Payroll access is granted via the Request for Payroll Systems Access Form.
If you have questions on which form to use or need assistance in completing any of these forms, please contact the HR Applications Support Help Desk by submitting an on-line help request, or by calling 962-HELP (indicate you need assistance with the EPAWeb System)

EPAWeb Classroom Training

EPAWeb classroom training is required for all users of EPAWeb who will be originating actions in the system.
For questions regarding EPAWeb training options, please contact Kim Currie or call 962-8087.

New Employment Actions for Individuals Without Social Security Numbers

EPAWeb requires a U.S. Social Security number (SSN) to perform a New Employment action to initiate either paid or unpaid (e.g., zero rate) EPA appointments. In many circumstances, foreign nationals newly arriving in the U.S. do not have a permanent SSN, but need a temporary dummy SSN to enable processing in EPAWeb. Click here for more information about that process.

User Help and Technical Support

A comprehensive on-line User’s Guide is available for the EPAWeb System by clicking here.
This User Guide is also available from any screen within the EPAWeb System by clicking the Help link in the top upper right hand-corner of all EPAWeb screens.
If you cannot obtain the information you need from the User Guide or experience a technical problem which interferes with your use of EPAWeb, you may request technical support assistance by one of two ways:
Submit an on-line Help Request or contact the ITS Response Center at 962-HELP and indicate you need assistance with the EPAWeb Personnel Action System. Your request will be recorded and routed to the HR Applications Support Help Desk.

Comments and Questions

Please send comments or questions regarding EPAWeb to Theresa_silsby@unc.edu