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Frequently Asked Questions

How much flexibility do I have as a manager to handle special requests from employees for flexible schedules due to childcare and other situations created by the pandemic?

Managers have discretion to authorize a variety of flexible work arrangements, as outlined in the Flexible Work Arrangements for University Employees policy.  In summary, managers have discretion to approve flexible work hours, flexible work schedules, and requests for short-term (30 calendar days or less in duration) flexible work locations if the manager determines that the operational needs of the department can be met and that they will be able to provide appropriate supervision of the employee’s work (in addition to considering all other factors and requirements outlined in the Flexible Work Arrangements policy). Teleworking arrangements that will exceed 30 calendar days in duration will be determined by a unit-wide assessment and plan made by the Dean or Vice Chancellor and approved by the Chancellor or designee, rather than by individual request, except in specific limited circumstances, such as an approved ADA accommodation. Managers should review the Flexible Work Arrangements policy for details and further requirements.

For more information about Flexible Work Options, please visit the Flexible Work Arrangements for University Employees page on the HR at UNC website.

What if my employees are not comfortable that others are/are not wearing masks?

The indoor mask requirement was lifted for most of the campus on March 7, 2022. There are many reasons why a person may decide to continue to wear a mask, and we respect that choice. Conversely, students, faculty and staff should not be penalized if they do not wear a mask in their classroom or office setting where it is now optional. The key is leading with compassion while still adhering to Community Standards.

For more information about mask requirements, please visit the Community Standards on the Carolina Together website.

Can I ask people if they are vaccinated?

Asking about vaccination status violates an employee’s privacy. If someone chooses to reveal vaccination status, that is their choice. Be mindful of sharing your vaccination status. As a supervisor, it may create a perceived expectation that others should reveal their status, as well.

One of my staff is really struggling with working through the pandemic. How can I help?

It is important to realize that each of us will respond differently to the ever-changing conditions related to the COVID-19 pandemic. Listening is the first step, and then offer resources that may be helpful. The Employee Assistance Program is a confidential counseling and resource program for University employees and their families. Additional tips and resources may be found on the Wellness tab of the Returning to Work on Campus site.

What happens if someone in the office gets sick with COVID-19?

  • Employees who are symptomatic, being tested for COVID-19, have tested positive for COVID-19 or who are asymptomatic with a household member who has tested positive for COVID-19 should review and follow the employee health guidelines on the University’s Environment, Health and Safety webpage before returning to campus.

  • If the guidelines indicate the employee should not come to campus:

    • Refer them to the benefits and leave information page to review leave options,

    • Make sure they understand the requirements set forth in the employee health guidelines.

    • Contact your School or Division’s HR Representative, and they will coordinate with the central Office of Human Resources and other campus officials to provide guidance.

    • If the employee feels well enough to work, the supervisor could allow the employee to work remotely full-time or part-time. Contact your School or Division’s HR Representative.

What is being done to keep workspaces clean and safe?

Facility Services has posted information on updated cleaning protocols and building ventilation on its dedicated COVID-19 website.