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To become an employer of choice, it’s important that the University be as competitive as possible. Recently, the Office of Human Resources convened an advisory committee to look specifically at Carolina’s background check policy – and in particular, to coordinate changes to the University policies that dictate background check practices across campus. Based on the group’s recommendations, OHR changed the Background Checks for Faculty, Non-Faculty Employees, Student Employees and Affiliates Policy, effective April 3, 2017.

The policy revisions align with many peer universities as well as common practices. Under the new policy, the process will search municipal and state criminal conviction records for all names and addresses used in the last seven years, and the results will remain valid for six months.

The previous policy searched all names and addresses used back to age 18, and the results were only valid for 90 days.

The revised policy also allows hiring departments to start a background check on the top one or two candidates for a position after interviews have been completed, rather than waiting until later in the process.

“We believe that these process improvements will lead to greater efficiencies in the background check process,” said Linc Butler, associate vice chancellor for human resources, “and will allow hiring units to move more quickly in hiring top talent.”

Under UNC-Chapel Hill policy, background checks are required for all new internal or external hires, temporary or permanent, as well as unpaid volunteers, interns, visiting scholars and independent contractors.

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