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To: School/Division HR Officers and Secondary Contacts; Business Managers; Background Check Initiators

From: Noreen Montgomery, Senior Director Employment & Staffing

As a result of an issue affecting candidates/appointees with multiple active background check invitations, the Background Check unit has created the Candidate/Appointee Guide for Completing Multiple Background Check Invitations reference card. This reference card will assist candidates/appointees with multiple active background check invitations. A link to the reference card will be included in the background check invitation email. In addition, we have posted a copy of the reference card on the HR Community Toolkit for your reference.


If you should have any question regarding this information, please contact Karressa Overbey, Background Check Supervisor, at 919-962-9768 or

For general background check questions, please contact the Background Check unit at 919-962-5742 or


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