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To: HR Officers and Secondary Contacts
From: Vicki Bradley, Associate Vice Chancellor
Re: Full Position Management Project update for HR Officers

Hello HR Officer:

With the Oct. 11 go-live date for the changes related to Full Position Management and online SHRA position descriptions only a month away, we are beginning our broader communications and wanted to make you aware that in the next day or so we will be sending communications to these groups:

  • Finance Leads
  • HR representatives and Student Originators
  • Budget approvers and HR approvers
  • Basic originators
  • PeopleAdmin users

Because of the number of changes, we felt that sending targeted communications to each group would be the best way to specify the changes each group can expect and to highlight the resources available.

Another round of email messages will be sent to the above groups approximately one week before the Oct. 11 go-live date. If you’d like to read these targeted communications, the text for each can be found on the Full Position Management page on

A slide deck to help spread the word
Implementing positions for every employee and moving position descriptions for SHRA employees online introduce a long list of changes. To help ensure that all staff are prepared, we’ve created a slide deck to help you spread the word on the changes.

Feel free to share this resource as needed for your unit. We appreciate whatever you can do to help us spread the word about these changes, and please let us know if there’s anything else we can provide to make spreading the word easier.

Go-live weekend
As we prepare for go-live weekend, here are some key points to keep in mind:

  • ConnectCarolina will be unavailable from Friday, Oct. 8, through Sunday, Oct. 10.
  • During this time, positions and reporting relationships will be created for all active employees not in positions.
  • Planned budget amounts will also be created for those positions:
    • For primary jobs, the planned budget amount will be the current incumbent’s salary.
    • For secondary jobs, the planned budget amount will be the supplemental pay converted to an annual amount

More details about go-live weekend will be forthcoming.

On Sept. 29, we’re holding an HR User Group Meeting dedicated to Full Position Management. You should have received an invitation but if not, you can find a calendar notice on the Full Management Position page.

In the meantime, don’t hesitate to reach out to if you have questions, concerns or ideas.
Thank you for your support on this project!

Vicki Bradley, Ph.D.
Associate Vice Chancellor
Human Resources and Equal Opportunity and Compliance
The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
CB #1045, 104 Airport Drive
Chapel Hill, NC 27599-9105
919.962.3898 (telephone)
919.962.8677 (fax)


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