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To: HR Officers and Secondary Contacts
From: Vicki Bradley, Associate Vice Chancellor
Re: Full Position Management Information

Dear HR Officers:

I have met several times over the last couple of weeks to ensure our finance colleagues are fully aware of the Full Position Management project. I wanted to make sure you are aware and have the presentations that I’ve provided them in case they come to you with any questions. The presentations are all slides that we have presented to the HR Council, Business Process Subcommittee, HR User Group, and/or HR Liaisons with the exception of a few slides in the 8/31/21 deck specifically geared towards more finance topics (i.e., Payroll Funding and the Department Budget Table, Tracking and Changing Financial Information, etc.). We will review those new slides in the next HR Council meeting.

As a reminder, there will be another webinar on Full Position Management, and the companion project for moving to on-line SHRA position descriptions on September 29 at 2:00 p.m. All HR Representatives, Basic Originators and Student Originators should have this webinar on their calendars.

The cutover weekend of October 8 – 10 seems just around the corner. As a reminder, all actions with an effective of October 1 or later are to be held (except the specific cases noted in the more detailed communications, including the attached presentations). With the exception of Lump Sum Payments, Fund Swaps, and Affiliates–any actions not fully executed (approved by School/Division and central offices) by close of business on October 7 will be denied and will have to be re-initiated as of October 11. More details about what will happen during the cutover weekend will be forthcoming.

Thank you all for your data cleanup efforts to help prepare us for go-live. During the past several months, you’ve created “Primary Purpose of the Organization” text for departments, identified vacant positions to abolish, moved supplemental pay to secondary jobs, updated Reports To and Supervisor IDs, and are continuing to resolve expected end dates. This all takes time to work through, and we very much appreciate all you are doing to help make the transition successful.

If you have any questions about Full Position Management, please feel free to reach out to me or Kristine Williams.


Vicki Bradley, Ph.D.
Associate Vice Chancellor
Human Resources and Equal Opportunity and Compliance
The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
CB #1045, 104 Airport Drive
Chapel Hill, NC 27599-9105
919.962.3898 (telephone)
919.962.8677 (fax)


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