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Human Resources and Equal Opportunity and Compliance is joining University Libraries in the Spread Happiness Project, a letter-writing campaign connecting people statewide with residents living in nursing home and assisted living facilities in North Carolina.

Designed by a UNC-Wilmington student as a way to lift the spirits and learn the stories of these residents, the Spread Happiness Project asks volunteers to write positive letters that may include anecdotes about their own daily lives, observations about the local weather or even a request to become pen pals.

University Libraries has set a goal of collecting 90 letters by Friday, April 29. Currently, the count total is 20, and we are calling on you to help contribute to collecting 70 more.

How you can get involved

Write a positive letter—or multiple letters—that could lift the spirits of the receiving resident. The Spread Happiness Project offers two options for the kind of letter to write:

  • One-time letter: Does not ask questions and does not include a return address.
  • Reciprocated letter: Intended for continual communication (as with a pen pal); may ask questions to get to know your reader and includes the best address for you to receive a response.

For your convenience, we’ve attached a letter template with sample letters—but, of course, feel free to write your own original letter.

Email completed letters as a pdf to Jennifer Jean-Baptiste, HR support specialist with University Libraries, at Submit your letter/s no later than Friday, April 29.

If you have any questions, please email Jennifer Jean-Baptiste at

Thank you for taking time to brighten someone’s day!

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