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Earlier this year, the North Carolina State Health Plan for Teachers’ and State Employees (“State Health Plan”) announced that it was working to establish its own health care provider network along with a new approach in how providers, such as doctors and hospitals, are reimbursed for covered medical services. The State Health Plan called this new approach the “Clear Pricing Project.” These changes were to be effective Jan. 1, 2020.

On Aug. 8,  2019 the State Health Plan provided an update concerning their “Clear Pricing Project.” In 2020, the State Health Plan network will consist of both the Blue Cross Blue Shield Blue Options Network (the network currently used by the State Health Plan) along with the new North Carolina State Health Plan Network.

This means that you will continue to have access to the provider network you use today through the State Health Plan, along with some new providers that were not previously part of the Blue Options Network.

In the coming weeks, we expect the State Health Plan to announce the dates for the open enrollment for the 2020 benefit year, we will continue to keep employees updated about open enrollment and any other benefit changes that may occur for the 2020 benefit year.

The State Health Plan has continued to provide updates on the Clear Pricing Project on their website here.

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