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View videos, tip sheets and other wellbeing resources in the following categories:

Community Support

Orange County Department on Aging

Older Adults and Caregivers | video (60 min.)
Learn about resources, services and programs for older adults and caregivers available through the Orange County Department on Aging, including resources available to assist with social wellbeing, volunteer opportunities, legal wellbeing, medical wellbeing, financial wellbeing, environmental wellbeing, and caregiver wellbeing. View slides.

Ronald McDonald House of Chapel Hill

Virtual Volunteering | video (3 min.)
Be a part of something bigger connecting you with the community.  Learn COVID-19 safe ways you can support the Ronald McDonald House of Chapel Hill, while improving your overall well-being. Give back and volunteer safely!

Financial Wellness


NEW! NC 401(k) & 457 Retirement Plans | video (18 min.)
Ready for retirement? Learn about the benefits of the NC Retirement Plans – the NC 401k and the NC 457 Plan available exclusively for public employees in North Carolina. This session will go over the differences in the plans and educate you on the importance of saving for retirement. The NC 401k and NC 457 Plans are a great way to make sure that your retirement income will support your future dreams and goals!

Fidelity Investments

Five Money Musts | video (11 min.)
Learn five basic money concepts to help you start your financial journey on the right foot.

Make the Most of Your Retirement Savings | video (20 min.)
This workshop will help you understand the importance of saving as much as possible for retirement, how much to save, different account types to save for retirement and ways to preserve and grow your savings to last throughout your lifetime.


Membership Overview | video (3 min.)
Learn about the importance of protecting yourself from legal problems and identity theft. Discover the benefits of a LegalShield and ID Shield membership and how these discounted benefits can empower you and your family in so many ways. Discount available with group code: GOHEELS.

Liberty Mutual Insurance

NEW! Why Do Auto and Home Insurance Rates Continue to Increase? | video (5 min.)
People think that their car insurance should decreased as the car ages. This video will go over why this isn’t the case and discuss why home insurance rates increase overtime.

Lincoln Financial Group

NEW! Long-term Disability Insurance | video (2 min.)
Learn about Lincoln Financial Group’s voluntary long-term disability coverage for UNC System employees.


Camp Gladiator

Endurance Bootcamp | video (60 min.)
Camp Gladiator is a fun, challenging workout program designed to unlock your full fitness potential. Each “Camp” is a 60 minute, full-body workout incorporating both cardio and strength exercises for all fitness levels. CG was initially built around outdoor workouts and now offers online workouts as well!

Carolina Athletics

Foam Rolling & Stretching | pdf
These resources from Carolina Athletics include an overview of four post-workout foam rolling exercises. Repeat 3-4 times a day, every 48 hours; an overview of 8 lower body stretches; an overview of six lower body stretches for your chest, shoulder, back, and neck; and an overview of 15 hip mobility stretches to relieve tightness with pictures.

Eat the Frog Fitness

Eat the Frog Fitness Session | video (43 min.)
Discusses how the Eat the Frog Fitness studio operates, takes you on a quick 15-minute tour of the studio and shows you a short workout to provide an idea of what an Eat the Frog workout looks like! View 6-minute studio tour.

Thousand Petals Yoga

Beginner’s Yoga | video (33 min.)
Chock full of demonstrations and detailed alignment cues, this class will introduce to you the essential poses of the practice and will prepare you for other level 1 classes. Class 1 explores cat/dog tilts, down dog, standing forward fold, lunge and cobra.

All Levels Yoga | video (32 min.)
Enjoy an all-levels yoga class with tips on how to open up locked areas in the body safely while exploring a variety of poses that will leave you feeling radiantly open. Move through side body stretches, sun salutes, standing poses, hip openers and a deep relaxation. This one is great for beginners or all levels.

UNC Campus Recreation

UNC Campus Recreation On-Demand Library | videos (10-60 min.)
Join Campus Recreation on-demand and stay active anytime and anywhere. Take a break and enjoy a quick pre-recorded class available on YouTube. Classes include core & Strength, Cardio & HIIT, Yoga & Restore, Barre & Pilates, Dance, Seated & Accessible Workouts. New classes are added weekly!

Workday Energizer: Full Body Standing Stretches| video (12 min.)
Experience how to relieve tightness and tension during the workday with a quick 12-minute mid-day stretches. Equipment Needed: Some support for balance (wall, chair, etc.), room to move, and Spotify for stretching tunes (optional).

Workday Energizer: Seated Neck and Shoulder Stretches | video (16 min.)
Experience a gentle neck and shoulder stretch for when you need a quick work break to relieve tightness and tension during the day. Equipment needed: A chair, water and Spotify for stretching tunes (optional).

UNC Wellness Centers

NEW! 3-Minute Yoga Flow | video (4 min.)
Glide through a short yoga practice that you can easily incorporate during your day. Learn more about the UNC Wellness Centers at

Core Strength for a Healthy Back | video (30 min.)
Strengthen your core with these moves to help you feel your best, improve your posture and prevent back pain.

Functional Movement for the Workday | video (30 min.)
Feel your best during the workday with exercises that counteract sitting and working at a computer, reduce stiffness and prevent long-term problems.

Key movements for a balanced exercise program | video (23 min.)
Promote proper functioning in the body with various levels of key movement patterns that help you feel your best

Practical Mobility Fitness Demo | video (23 min.)
Mobility training is more than just stretching, it’s a combination of lengthening certain muscle tissue while strengthening others to restore joint function. This practical mobility demo will focus on mobilizing areas of the body that can become facilitated by sitting too much. The techniques learned in this video are practical for everyday implementation and can be used in any environment.

Health Education

American Foundation for Suicide Prevention

Talk Saves Lives | video (36 min.)
Talk Saves Lives is a standardized education program that presents the most up-to-date research on suicide prevention, the common risk factors and warning signs associated with suicide, and how participants can keep themselves and others safe.

Bladder Cancer Advocacy Network

Welcome to the Bladder Cancer Table | video (4 min.)
A brief introduction to the accompanying videos on bladder cancer risks and warning signs. This resource is provided by the Triangle Chapter of Bladder Cancer Advocacy Network. Visit to learn more.

Bladder Cancer Risks & Warning Signs Part I: Epidemiology & Risks | video (24 min.)
A detailed look at recognized risks associated with developing bladder cancer.

Bladder Cancer Risks & Warning Signs Part II: Warning Signs | video (16 min.)
Know the warning signs of bladder cancer, emphasizing the need to pay close attention to potential signs and ensure you ask the right questions.

Test Your Knowledge: Bladder Cancer Awareness Quiz | pdf
Take this brief five-question quiz to test your knowledge of bladder cancer risks and warning signs.

Bull City Family Chiropractic

Spring Clean Your Health | video (20 min.)
We are exposed daily to hundreds of thousands of toxins, many of which are found in common household items. Discover how to properly identify and avoid unnecessary toxins and develop a “30-Day Clean Life” detox program.

NC Division of Services for the Blind

Services that are available for Vision Loss, Blind and Deafblind Individuals | slide deck
Learn more about the scope of NC Division of Services for the Blind’s Vocational Rehabilitation Services, including Individual Plan for Employment opportunities, vocational assessments, career counseling, physical restoration and more! For sound, click on the speaker in the lower right side of each presentation slide.

The Independent Living Program through The NC Division of Services for the Blind | slide deck
Learn about Independent Living (IL) Programs available help people adjust to vision loss and provide comprehensive skills. These presentation slides include information about IL rehabilitation counselors, daily living skills classes, adaptive kitchen technique classes, and more.

NC Radon Program, NC DHHS

Prevent Lung Cancer from Radon | video (15 min.)
Did you know there are approximately 450 radon induced lung cancer deaths in North Carolina each year? Find out what radon is, how it causes lung cancer, and how to test and lower the radon level your home.

UNC Health

NEW! Precision Health Genetic Screen | video (2 min.)
Our health is determined by a mix of things, including diet, exercise, environment and genetics. For a few people, genetics plays a much stronger role in their health. Genetic screening tests may tell you your chance of getting a disease before symptoms appear.

UNC Wellness Centers

How to Make Exercise a Habit | video (30 min.)
Learn about the mental aspects of making exercise a habit and how to overcome obstacles, manage time and incorporate a well-balanced program to progress toward your goals.

How to Thrive Again! | video (59 min.)
Get grounded in gratitude and unearth your way towards thriving. Learn the key pillars and practices that will help you improve your outlook on life and reconnect with your strengths and desires.

USANA Health Sciences

NEW! Strengthen Your Immune System | video (13 min.)
Learn how to support your immune system with both lifestyle choices and supplementation.

Health & Safety

Carolina Performance

Stretch it out! Office Stretches for the Neck, Lat, Torso, and Legs | pdf
Take a break from sitting to try these five stretches for your neck, lats, torso and legs. Hold each for 15 seconds and repeat 3 times.

Damsel in Defense

Personal Safety in an Unpredictable World | video (3 min.)
This brief video will address the need for people, women in particular, to be proactive about their own personal safety. Learn the “do’s and don’ts” regarding effective personal safety and debunk some myths to empower and educate women to walk with confidence.

UNC Integrative Medicine

Working at Home and Your Musculoskeletal Health | video (21 min.)
Learn the proper way to sit and workstation guidelines that support back health. This video will also review some office exercises you can do to strengthen your neck and back.

University Physical Therapy

NEW! Low Back Pain Prevention | video (9 min.)
Join University Physical Therapy, a group of faculty physical therapy practices in Chapel Hill, Durham and Hillsborough, to learn workplace wellness strategies to reduce low back pain.

UNC Wellness Centers

NEW! 3-Minute Stretch at Your Desk | video (3 min.)
Pick up a simple stretching routine you can do at your desk to get moving and feel better throughout your workday.

Mindfulness & Self-Care


Balancing Work and Life | podcast (9 min.)
This podcast reviews questions to promote a balanced life, the importance of taking time for yourself and a case study with questions.

Connecting Mind and Body for Healthy Living | podcast (8 min.)
In this podcast you’ll learn how your physical body effects your mind, how the mind can affect your physical health and how to use this information to live a healthier life.

Mental Health Awareness Month | pdf
Four tips for getting out of a negative mental or emotional space, and contact information for GuidanceResources, your Employee Assistance Program.

Using Kindness to Achieve Personal Success and Happiness | podcast (9 min.)
Listen to this brief podcast to learn about the benefits of kindness, how to build relationships with focused compliments, and how to assume a positive intent behind the action of others.


15 Tips to Improve Your Mental Health | blog
Learn 14 common mental health-related signs and 15 tips to help improve your mental health.

UNC Department of Psychiatry

Wellbeing and Resilience Resources for the People of UNC | slide deck
Learn how being more mindful promotes and preserves your whole health. Slides include resilience resources including five facets living and a prescription to support wellbeing, as well as podcast and reading recommendations.

UNC Frank Porter Graham Program on Mindfulness and Self-Compassion for Families

Caring for Ourselves in the Time of COVID | video (34 min.)
A brief explanation of self-compassion, including its relationship with mindfulness. Most of the session will be devoted to actually experiencing self-compassion through practice.

UNC Wellness Centers

NEW! 3-Minute Centering Practice | video (5 min.)
Let a personal trainer guide you in a centering practice to redirect your thoughts and get grounded each day.

NEW! 3-Minute Mindfulness | video (4 min.)
Use the mindfulness practice of box breathing to notice and stay present with your breath.

360 Degree Body Scan: Length-Width-Depth | video (5 min.)
Make this brief somatic practice part of your everyday routine. Walk through a 360-degree body scan that consists of standing with grounded feet and sensing the three dimensions of the body while associating the metaphors of Dignity (Length), Belonging (Width), and Arch of Time (Depth), to each area of the body.

Create Your Wellness Vision for Success | video (56 min.)
This session kicked off Wellness Week 2021 and is focused on helping people get a clear wellness vision. Watch to learn how to build positive momentum and create small wins that boost your confidence to create a clear wellness vision you can follow through on.

Hacks to Lower Your Blood Pressure While Reducing Stress | video (8 min.)
It is estimated that about 1/3 of us have high blood pressure and are at risk for cardiovascular disease. Learn how to self-regulate your blood pressure with stress reduction tips, including breathwork and more!

Returning to a “New Normal:” Skills to Cope with Anxiety and Other Big Emotions | video (8 min.)
Learn about the different emotions people may be feeling as we return to work/activities and some specific skills we can rely on to cope with those big emotions. This session will teach participants skills derived from Cognitive Behavior Therapy and Dialectical Behavior Therapy.

Virgin Pulse

Work From Home Tips: Finding Comfort in a New Healthy Routine Tips Sheet | pdf
Maintaining a daily routine, especially while working from home, is crucial to your overall sense of wellbeing.  Review these tip sheets to incorporate health and wellbeing in every part of your day.


Carolina Dining Services

NEW! Healthy Holiday Cooking Demo | video (40 min.)
Learn how to prepare traditional and new holiday favorite dishes in a way that is both delicious and nutritious.
Recipe Cards

Miso Salmon and Kimchi Cooking Demo | video (15 min.)
A healthy gut equals a healthy brain! Enjoy this cooking demo that teaches you how to make salmon with miso sauce and brussels sprout kimchi, while learning the health benefits of each ingredient.
Recipe Cards

Spiralized Veggie Grain Bowls with Apricots & Mint Cooking Demo | video (16 min.)
Learn how to make this heart-healthy recipe. Veggie bowls can help lower cholesterol and to decrease risk for heart disease and type 2 diabetes.
Recipe Card


Eating Well with Chef Cordell

30-Minute Meals Cooking Demo | video (52 min.)
After a long day, who wants to spend another 1+ hours in the kitchen? In this demo, you will learn how to whip up three flavorful, healthy meals in 30-minutes. Recipes demoed include:


Lifestyle Medical Centers

Healthy Eating on the Go | video (19 min.)
Learn four main strategies to keep your food choices healthy while you’re on the move! Review the plate method, how to combine food groups to regulate blood sugar levels, the importance of skipping sugary beverages and treats (and finding healthy alternatives), and quick meals. This session finishes with meal ideas for breakfast, lunch, dinner, healthy snacks and eating out.

The Produce Box

Cooking Demo: Spring Salad with Tangy Lemon Vinaigrette | video (39 min.)
This hearty recipe is perfect for a lunch or a brunch entrée, especially when paired with the tangy lemon vinaigrette. Learn how to make this spring salad and tangy vinaigrette featuring the best of North Carolina produce. This demo also shows you how to prepare and cut a variety of local produce for an elegant and colorful display.


UNC Sports Nutrition

Healthy Eating & Meal Planning Resources
Learn how to eat smart and healthy with these printable resources from UNC Sports Nutrition:


UNC Wellness Centers

Snack Attack Cooking Demo | video (39 min.)
Stress, boredom, and anxiety all play a big role in unhealthy eating habits. But snacking can be a healthy part of your day – especially with these three snacks:


USANA Health Sciences

10 Tips to Help Choose a Multivitamin You Can Trust | video (19 min.)
Learn 10 criteria important to consider when choosing a multivitamin, from immune support to quality control.

UNC Resources

Equal Opportunity and Compliance Office

NEW! EOC Overview | video (2 min.)
Learn about the many resources Equal Opportunity and Compliance has available for employees.


Child Care Services Association

Child Care Consumer Education and Scholarship Opportunity | video (23 min.)
In this session you will learn the best ways to identify high quality child care, who can help you in your search, and what financial assistance options are available. Start your next steps in finding and affording high quality child care.


Your Employee Assistance Program (EAP): More than Just Counseling | video (33 min.)
Join your Employee Assistance Program (EAP) to learn more about the resources your EAP has to offer. It’s more than counseling. This session will review all the EAP services available to you and your family including free, confidential counseling and work-life support programs.

Liberty Mutual Insurance

Learn more about your employee Perks at work for a discount with Liberty Mutual on auto, home and tenant insurance.

NC Perks/Maximizing your auto, home, renters and life insurance | video (2 min.)

Auto & Home Insurance Flyer | pdf

Auto Insurance – Did You Know? | video (5 min.)

Home Insurance – Did You Know? | video (6 min.)

Life Insurance – Did You Know? | video (4 min.)


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