ULEAD Application Form

    1. Complete the electronic application form.
    2. Confirm that you can commit to attending all sessions. (See Program Schedule.)
    3. Your manager must submit a letter of nomination, explicitly indicating approval and support to attend all sessions during work time and convincingly advocating for your acceptance to the program.
    4. The ULEAD Selection Committee will seek approval from the appropriate Dean, Vice Chancellor or designee.
    5. All letters and applications must be received by Thursday, March 28, 2019. You will receive a confirmation email after your form has been received.
    Please note: It is not possible to save this application in progress and return to complete it later. Applicants may consider typing lengthy responses into a Word document and pasting them into the application.
  • Applicant's Personal Information

  • Prerequisites

  • All applicants to ULEAD must agree to complete the following courses (or their equivalents) and assessments before orientation. Preference will not be given to those who have completed the prerequisites prior to application. In the Comments box below, please indicate which of the following you have already completed, and when. Special sections of each prerequisite will be scheduled so that accepted participants may attend as a cohort.
    • Myers-Briggs Type Indicator assessment (It Takes All Types or equivalent)
    • Valuable Presentation Skills
    After acceptance into the program, you will be required to complete the Leadership Mirror multi-rater (360 degree) assessment before orientation. Instructions will be provided after program acceptance.
  • Applicant's Background

    You must currently be working in a managerial role. For purposes of ULEAD, a managerial role is defined as one in which you manage supervisory personnel (those who supervise individuals) and/or manage a University-wide program or project. Please provide the following additional information.
  • Development Activities

    Please list and describe up to six professional development activities relating to leadership, management and/or supervisory skills that you have participated in. Examples may include specific programs taken or presented (excluding prerequisites noted above), mentoring, professional memberships, conferences, etc.
  • Personal Objectives

    Please complete this section thoroughly. Acceptance into ULEAD is based heavily on understanding why you are interested and how you intend to benefit professionally from the program, as well as how you expect your organization may benefit. Substantive content will likely require a fairly lengthy response. The text box will expand to include your entire answer.
  • Application Certification

  • Application forms and materials must be RECEIVED no later than Thursday, March 28, 2019.

    Submit application electronically using the above form. Send manager’s nomination letter (electronic or paper) to: William Frey Office of Human Resources UNC-Chapel Hill 104 Airport Drive, CB# 1045 Chapel Hill, NC 27599-1045 Phone: 919-962-9685 Fax: 919-962-2656 Email: will_frey@unc.edu