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Dear HR Officer,

Below please find the formal notice to faculty and staff regarding the mandatory 3.5% legislative increase that will be distributed shortly.

The budget bill also provides for a discretionary one-time non-base salary bonus opportunity of up to 5% based on meritorious performance for EHRA employees. This bonus opportunity is not supported by additional appropriated funds and must be funded by existing eligible campus funding sources. Detailed instructions for this discretionary bonus opportunity will be distributed soon via a separate communication.

For questions about the mandatory 3.5% legislative increase, please contact your assigned Class and Comp Analyst or EHRA HR Consultant.


Please note: This message applies only to permanent SHRA, EHRA Non-Faculty, and Faculty employees.

The 2022 North Carolina State Budget provides for a 3.5% across-the-board mandatory base salary increase calculated from an eligible employee’s June 30, 2022 base salary. The increase has a retroactive effective date of July 1, 2022, and applies to all eligible permanent SHRA (including probationary and time-limited employees), EHRA Non-Faculty, and Faculty employees. Eligibility requirements are as follows:

Eligible employees must have been in a permanent part- or full-time benefits-eligible position as of June 30, 2022.
The mandatory 3.5% legislative increase will be awarded regardless of current performance ratings or the presence of any active disciplinary actions.
The mandatory 3.5% legislative increase will also be awarded even if it results in an employee exceeding the maximum of their assigned salary range


EHRA faculty subject to special clinical pay plans are excluded from the legislative increase and instead are subject to the provisions of these plans with respect to annual compensation adjustments.
Temporary, student, and graduate student employees are not eligible for the legislative increase.

Payment Schedule

For biweekly paid employees, the 3.5% mandatory salary adjustment along with any retro pay will be issued no later than your Friday, Aug. 26, 2022, paycheck. For monthly paid employees, the adjustment will be made on your Wednesday, Aug. 31, 2022, paycheck.

The calculation for the mandatory legislative increase will exclude any non-permanent administrative salary supplements in effect as of June 30, 2022, such as interim and acting appointments, temporary additional duties, or secondary administrative titles.

Employees on Disability or a Leave of Absence

Employees currently on disability or on a leave of absence (paid or unpaid) may be eligible for the mandatory legislative increase upon their return if they satisfy all other eligibility criteria.

Faculty on Phased Retirement

Subject to any limitations imposed under the State Retirement System and the legislative appropriations process, faculty members who entered the Phased Retirement Program on July 1, 2022, are not eligible for the mandatory legislative increase.

Faculty members who entered the Phased Retirement Program in 2021 or prior years are eligible for the mandatory legislative increase.

Transfer Employees

Any SHRA employee who transfers with an effective date of July 1, 2022, or earlier is eligible to receive the mandatory legislative increase.

Impact on SHRA Annual Longevity Payments

For SHRA employees who receive their annual longevity payment for total state service anniversaries on or after July 1, 2022, the longevity payment will include the mandatory legislative increase.

There are no adjustments to salary ranges associated with this legislative increase implementation.

For questions concerning the 3.5% legislative increase, please reach out to your HR Officer. To find the HR Officer for your school or division, please view the directory on the School/Division HR Offices page. If you have questions about the paycheck, please email

Thank you for all you do as a UNC employee,

Walter Miller
Director of Payroll Services

Linc Butler
Sr. Associate Vice Chancellor of Human Resources and Academic Personnel


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