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Faculty Recruitment

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Advertising Resources

EHRA faculty positions are automatically posted to Inside Higher Education from data entered in the Advertisement Data section of EHRA Recruitment Web. Every effort should be made to ensure that data are accurate and complete. Any other advertising sources that the unit plans to use should be indicated in this section. It is the unit’s responsibility to submit ad material to those sources.
Insider Higher Education is a news and commentary website for people who work in higher education and includes a specific job posting component for positions in higher education. The University purchases an annual contract with Inside Higher Education, which means that all jobs from UNC-Chapel Hill can be posted to Inside Higher Education at no charge.

The following is a summary of basic information regarding this website and its visitors based on information provided by

  • The site has averaged more than 340,000 unique visitors a month.
  • Nearly 26,000 individuals are signed up to receive the free daily email.
  • Users of Inside Higher Education are diverse:
    • 40% are academics, 30% administrators and 20% executives.
    • Nearly 25% of website readers are from underrepresented minorities.
    • 50/50 male/female split.

Intercampus Recruitment

In competing for talented people, each campus is expected to adhere to human resources practices that meet generally accepted ethical standards. The following regulations, adopted in 1972, and amended in 2001 amends and replaces Administrative Memorandum #6 titled Inter-campus Recruitment of Staff:

Prior to making a formal written offer of appointment to an intended employee, the hiring campus shall give notice of intent to the campus at which the appointee is currently employed. The notice from the hiring campus shall be provided by the Chancellor supervising the programmatic area making the offer. The notice to the campus at which the appointee is currently employed shall be provided to the Chancellor supervising the programmatic area in which the employee is assigned.
The recruiting campus may, simultaneously with notifying the campus at which the appointee is currently employed, tender an offer to the candidate. The campus at which the appointee is currently employed may, within five (5) days of the notice, request the terms of the offer. If a request for terms is not made within the five-day period, then after that time, the recruiting campus may finalize a contract.
In the event that the campus at which the appointee is currently employed requests the terms of the offer, the recruiting campus shall send the information outlined in paragraph 4 below. The recruiting campus may not finalize a contract until 5 (five) days after receipt of the terms of the offer by the currently employing campus.
No offer of appointment covered by this regulation shall be made within 90 days of the commencement of the academic semester in which service is to begin unless mutually agreed upon by authorized campus officials.
The information provided to the currently employing campus must include any and all recruiting inducements, financial or otherwise and regardless of fund source, the proposed salary stipends, summer salary, appointment to an endowed chair, teaching responsibilities, start-up funds and other recruitment incentives.
In response to the offer, the campus at which the appointee is currently employed may make an equivalent counter offer to that of the recruiting campus. Neither campus shall engage in negotiations that might result in a “bidding war” between UNC campuses. In instances in which more than one campus or entity of the UNC system, along with external employers, have extended an offer either campus or entity may compete with the external offer and the other UNC campus may match the offer of the UNC campus or entity.
If, in conjunction with an intercampus recruiting decision covered by the regulation in this section, an appointee who is a principal investigator or co-investigator under an extramurally funded contract or grant wishes to transfer the contract or grant or any part of the equipment funded thereby to the campus to which the appointee is transferring, the matter must be discussed at the earliest possible opportunity with the contract and grant administrator at the hiring campus. Such transfer of contract or grant or equipment may be accomplished only after approval by both Chancellors concerned and in accordance with University rules for contract and grant administration and the rules of the granting agency.

For more information, see the Regulation On Recruitment Of Employees From Other Campuses Within The University Of North Carolina.



  • A waiver is an exception to the normal recruitment process.
  • Used when the department has a need or a reason to hire outside of the normal open recruitment process.
  • Used for temporary or permanent faculty hires.
  • Permanent waivers are NOT posted and once approved the hire ePAR can be submitted.
  • Visiting/part-time temporary waivers are posted for only the waiver candidate to apply and a hiring proposal is completed prior to the hire ePAR.
The Office of Equal Opportunity and Compliance (EOC) oversees waivers in the employee recruitment process for all positions at the University regardless of the classification to ensure fair and equitable recruitment efforts. Waivers are an exception to the normal, open recruitment process.

If you are seeking a waiver, please email the Director of Equal Opportunity and ADA Coordinator at to request a “Waiver of Recruitment Action.”

EOC staff can:

  • Help you through the process.
  • Determine the appropriate waiver type.
  • Review the waiver application to ensure that the reasons for pursuing the waiver (i.e., the employee has unique qualifications) are valid.
Waiver reasons:

  • Retiree returning to the same department or comparable positions.
    • Used when faculty retire and return to the department for part-time work; must return as temporary/part-time.
  • Seasonal temporary employee.
  • Prevention of critical work stoppage.
  • Temporary employee possesses specific and unique skills.
  • Temporary assignment less than three days.


Waiver Programs

  • Waiver must meet the qualifications of the waiver reason selected.
  • Waivers are reviewed by the Office of Faculty Affairs and if approved move to EEOC for final approval.
  • VITAE and Spousal/Partner hires must include a signed MOU or explanation of the absence of the MOU.
  • The waiver candidate must apply to the posted temporary waiver prior to hire.
  • All waivers must be approved prior to submitting a hiring proposal or dossier for tenure approval.


Special Faculty Hiring Programs

Visit the Office of Faculty Affairs website for details about special faculty hiring programs, including: