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All staff employees, as well as managers and HR representatives, are encouraged to learn about the State and University policies, practices and associated administrative procedures that may relate to any questions or concerns they have about their employment. All policies in this section are issued under the authority of the Vice Chancellor for Human Resources and Equal Opportunity and Compliance, but many are policies of the state of North Carolina.

The EHRA Non-Faculty Human Resources unit within the Office of Human Resources provides overall coordination of EHRA Non-Faculty personnel policies, guidelines, and procedures. This unit has responsibility for reviewing and approving EHRA Non-Faculty appointments, reappointments, job changes, and salary actions and approving new or revised EHRA Non-Faculty positions under guidelines prescribed by UNC General Administration.

The Office of Academic Personnel, a unit of the Office of the Executive Vice Chancellor and Provost, is responsible for administration of personnel policies, guidelines, and procedures related to faculty at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. This office has responsibility for reviewing and approving faculty appointments, reappointments, job changes, and salary actions. This office provides guidance and interpretation related to faculty specific personnel policies. Additionally, they manage and support the faculty appointment, promotion and tenure process.

Please visit the Faculty Policies, Procedures & Guidelines page on the Academic Personnel website to find faculty employee policies and procedures. For assistance on faculty personnel matters, contact the Academic Personnel Office at 919-962-1091.

The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill (the “University”) hosts approximately 1,000 postdoctoral scholars on its campus each year. Postdoctoral scholars (“Postdocs”) are hosted in many different departments, schools and centers throughout the University.

The UNC-Chapel Hill Office of Ethics Education and Policy Management manages the policies, procedures and standards applicable to the entire UNC-Chapel Hill community.

  • HR Data Requests
  • Technical support for HR Systems (ConnectCarolina HR/Payroll, PeopleAdmin, and LawLogix) is provided by the Business Systems Help Desk. Contact them online or by calling 919-962-HELP.
  • ConnectCarolina: Personnel system used to process actions for permanent and temporary employees.
  • PeopleAdmin: The recruitment system used for temporary (SHRA, EHRA Non-Faculty, Visiting/Part-time Faculty) and permanent EHRA Non-Faculty job postings. | View PeopleAdmin FAQ’s
The University recognizes the importance of providing flexibility for employees to balance work responsibilities with personal obligations and commitments.

For information about flexible work options and the flexible work arrangements policy, please visit the Flexible Work Arrangements for University Employees page.