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The Office of Human Resources offers many opportunities for supervisors and managers to learn new skills and to develop existing skills. New supervisors are encouraged to start with the required trainings and follow up with the suggested courses. For more experienced supervisors and managers, there are many courses focusing on areas such as interpersonal competencies, organization development, and performance management.

Required Training for Supervisors

Carolina BEST (Blueprint for Engaged Supervision Training)

Every front-line supervisor of SHRA employees at the University will participate in this training. This training is offered by Organization and Professional Development and is part of being in compliance with the Chancellor’s expectations of the work environment at Carolina.

The BEST program emphasizes practical and basic needs of all supervisors, allowing new supervisors the opportunity to reflect on the issues, functions, and challenges involved in leadership roles and supporting their professional development.

Suggested Courses for Managers & Supervisors

There are numerous courses available for new managers and supervisors, experienced managers and supervisors and individual contributors that would like to become a manager or supervisor. You can find a list of suggested courses under Focus Areas: Supervisory/Management.

LinkedIn Learning offers a wide variety of video-based learning opportunities on managerial and supervisory topics.  Here you will find individual courses and entire curated learning paths such as “Become a Manager,” “Transitioning from Manager to Leader,” “Building Trust,” etc.

University Leadership Education and Development

Organization & Professional Development offers the University Leadership Education and Development (ULEAD) program, an intense program for high-potential, high-performing UNC-Chapel Hill, NC Central University and General Administration managers.