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Faculty Remote Working Arrangements

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It is an accepted practice for teaching and research faculty to carry out their work with varied schedules on campus and at alternate locations. It is at the discretion of the Dean to determine whether remote working arrangements for faculty are reasonable and practicable within their respective unit. As much as possible, departments should aim to create clear guidelines for faculty regarding the approval of remote working arrangements.

Faculty Working Remotely Outside of North Carolina

Faculty approved by their Dean to work within the United States but outside of the State of North Carolina must complete the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill Notice of Employee Working Outside of North Carolina form and submit to Payroll Services for review to ensure proper taxation and reporting of their income.



Faculty Working Outside of the United States

Remote working arrangements for faculty working outside of the United States are subject to additional approval by the Academic Personnel Office and must be reviewed by the University’s Global Hiring Group. Questions regarding global employment for faculty can be directed to the Director of Executive Talent Management.

Policies regarding global employment can be viewed on the UNC Global website.