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To: HR Officers and Secondary Contacts

From: Linc Butler, Senior Associate Vice Chancellor Office of Human Resources and Academic Personnel

Noreen Montgomery, Senior Director Employment & Staffing

Vanessa Ragland, Senior Director of EHRA Human Resources

Please share this important information with your HR Representatives, managers, supervisors, and employees as well as with unpaid volunteers, interns and visiting scholars.

We would like to take this opportunity to remind HR Officers about the Employment of Related Persons (Nepotism) policies for EHRA Faculty, EHRA Non-Faculty, SHRA Permanent, Temporary, Unpaid Volunteers, Interns, and Visiting Scholar appointments.

As per policy, in any situation where two or more related persons may be appointed within the same academic department (or other comparable subdivision of institutional employment) an Employment of Related Persons Certificate is required to disclose family members or closely affiliated persons appointed with the University. This includes new hires/rehires, organizational changes and new relationships/close affiliations.

Following is a list of covered relationships/close affiliations:

SHRA Permanent/Temporary & Unpaid Volunteers, Interns and Visiting Scholars EHRA Faculty & Non-Faculty
Husband or wife Husband and wife
Father or mother, daughter or son Parent or child
Brother or sister Brother and sisters
Grandfather or grandmother, granddaughter or grandson Grandparent or grandchild
Step-, half, and in-law relationships Stepparent and stepchild, stepbrothers and sisters
Spouses or in-laws Parents-in-law and children-in-law, brothers-in-law and sisters-in-law
Domestic partners, current or former Persons engaged in amorous relationships*
Close friends, current or former First cousins
Other persons who share a relationship comparable to family members Aunt and/or uncle and niece and/or nephew
Guardian and ward
*An amorous relationship exists when, without the benefit of marriage, two persons voluntarily have a sexual union or are engaged in a romantic courtship (e.g., dating or engaged to be married) that may or may not have been consummated sexually.

If any of the above relationships exist, the HR Representative must submit an Employment of Related Persons Certificate and one or more organizational chart(s) for each appointee as follows. If related/affiliated to more than one person, attach separate form.

  • For permanent EHRA and SHRA new hires/rehires: Attach documents to the PeopleAdmin Hiring Proposal.
  • For current SHRA/EHRA employees, temporary applicants, unpaid volunteers, interns and visiting scholars: Submit documents via email to

Please note the Employment of Related Persons Certificate was recently updated, and the revised version can be found in the Recruitment and Selection Forms section of HR Community Toolkit on the HR at UNC website.

HR Representatives must begin using the updated version effective immediately.

Related Policies

For SHRA Permanent/Temporary, Unpaid Volunteers, Interns and Visiting Scholars, please refer to the Employment of Related Persons (Nepotism) Policy for more information.

For EHRA Faculty and Non-Faculty, please refer to the UNC Policy Manual (300.4.2 and 300.4.2[G]) for more information.


Please refer any questions to the following contacts:

  • SHRA Permanent/Temporary and Unpaid Volunteers, Interns and Visiting Scholars: Talent Acquisition Partner at (919) 843-2300.
  • EHRA Non-Faculty and Faculty: EHRA Human Resources Consultant at (919) 843-2300.


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