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Reminder: Nominations for the 2022 Governor’s Awards for Excellence due by Thursday, April 14

The Governor’s Award for Excellence is the highest honor a state employee may receive for dedicated service to the State of North Carolina and its citizens.

The awards are designed to acknowledge and express appreciation for outstanding accomplishments that do not fall entirely within the scope of one’s normal duties but are a major contribution reflecting credit on the person and State service. The commendable service or accomplishment is so singularly outstanding that special recognition is justified.

Nominations for the 2022 Governor’s Awards for Excellence will be open through 5 p.m. Thursday, April 14, for the following categories:

  • Customer Service – Exceeded expectations and added value to the customer experience.
  • Efficiency & Innovation – Established new and/or improved methods, practices, plans or designs resulting in innovation, savings and/or efficiencies.
  • Human Relations – Made outstanding contributions toward enhancing the quality and morale of the workplace or creating a better public image of state government.
  • Outstanding State Government Service – Exhibited unselfish devotion to duty far and above the normal requirements and contributed significantly to the advancement of state service.
  • Public Service – Made outstanding contributions by participating in or implementing community and public service projects (such as volunteering with various non-profit organizations).
  • Safety and Heroism – Demonstrated outstanding judgment or courage in an emergency, voluntarily risking his/her life or exhibited meritorious action to prevent injury, loss of life or prevented damage to or loss of property.
  • Spirit of North Carolina – Exemplified the state motto “To be, rather than to seem.” Mentored others in the pursuit of excellence and served as an ambassador for the State of North Carolina.

For nomination ideas, take a look at write-ups and videos from 2021. When nominating an employee for a Governor’s Award, be prepared to provide a description of at least 350 words stating why you are nominating this employee and including what they did that was beyond the scope of their normal job responsibilities.

To learn more, visit the Governor’s Award for Excellence page on the North Carolina Office of State Human Resources website.

Nominate a deserving employee today!


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