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As you may recall, the University recently received statutory authority to apply EHRA Non-Faculty (EHRA-NF) status to certain Auditing, Business and Finance (ABF) Professional positions. To be eligible for this new EHRA-NF classification, the ABF Professional position must be both exempt from the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) and have at least one-third of their job duties reflected as professional accounting duties.

The UNC System Office requires that as of Sept. 1, 2022, all newly created or vacated FLSA-exempt positions that meet the new EHRA-NF ABF job classification criteria must be filled as EHRA Non-Faculty and may no longer be filled as SHRA positions. Any positions already posted and under recruitment as of this date may continue to be filled as SHRA.

EHRA ABF Professional job classifications will become part of the EHRA Non-Faculty Instructional, Research and Information Technology (IRIT) category and will be subject to all University policies and procedures applicable to this category of employees.

New EHRA ABF classifications, salary bands and minimum education and experience information is being loaded in ConnectCarolina and will be available by Sept. 30. When creating a position ePAR for an EHRA ABF Professional classification, you will need to select the appropriate EHRA-NF ABF job code, and then ConnectCarolina will auto-select the correlating salary grade, salary plan and minimum education and experience requirement applicable. If you need to create an EHRA ABF position prior to September 30, please contact your school/division’s assigned EHRA HR Consultant for instructions.

About the conversion

Of approximately 1,700 UNC-Chapel Hill SHRA FLSA-exempt employees, roughly 600 are UNC ABF employees who will have the option to convert to EHRA status or to keep their SHRA status for as long as they remain in their current positions. Please note that:

  • No employee will be compelled or required to change status.
  • There is no automatic salary increase entitlement as a result of an employee electing to convert from SHRA to EHRA Non-Faculty status; however, there will be an option at department discretion to add longevity to the base salary.
  • Employees will have only one opportunity to convert to EHRA status.
  • Eligible employees will have a 90-day period from Monday, Jan. 16, 2023, through Friday, April 16, 2023, to make their conversion election.
  • For employees choosing to convert to EHRA employment status, the effective date will be May 8, 2023.

View the EHRA Conversion for Auditing, Business, and Finance (ABF) Professionals webpage of the HR at UNC website for full details about this conversion, including:

  • Affected SHRA classifications.
  • New EHRA-NF salary ranges.
  • Important dates.
  • FAQs.

Further details on this conversion will be presented during the Carolina HR Council meetings this fall. In the coming months, the EHRA Human Resources Unit will also send additional communications with more information, including:

  • List of eligible employees.
  • How to calculate proposed base salaries.
  • Details about the election process for filled affected positions.

Information sessions

The EHRA Human Resources unit in the Office of Human Resources will hold a drop-in Zoom session for HR Reps on Wednesday, Aug. 31, 2022, from 3 to 4 p.m. to answer any questions you may have about converting new and vacant ABF positions on and after Sept. 1, 2022. Please note that a separate meeting invite will not be sent, so be sure to save the meeting information below and share it with the other HR Reps in your school/division:

In early 2023, OHR will also offer information sessions for managers and employees to learn more about the specifics of the conversion and the election process; eligible employees and their managers will receive an email notification about session dates and times.

Please let us know if you any questions about the SHRA to EHRA conversion for Auditing, Business, and Finance Professionals. You can reach us by emailing

Thank you for your help with this conversion process.


Vanessa Ragland
Senior Director, EHRA Non-Faculty and Academic Personnel


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