What is Community Service Leave?

The University recognizes the importance of community service and supports the commitment of UNC-Chapel Hill employees to engage in volunteer service for civic, charitable, or humanitarian reasons. The Community Service Leave (CSL) program is a paid time off program that gives employees leave with pay to perform volunteer service with schools, certain community service organizations, or human service organizations.

Who can use CSL?

SHRA permanent employees, EHRA permanent non-faculty, and 12-month EHRA faculty who are regularly scheduled to work 20 or more hours per week are all eligible to use CSL.

What can I use CSL for?

There are three types of leave, or options, in the CSL leave program:

  • Option A: Parental involvement with your child in school — such as parent-teacher conferences or classroom volunteering — or to volunteer in a school, State of North Carolina public university, community college, or State agency; or a not-for-profit community service organization
  • Option B: Tutoring and mentoring in public or private schools
  • Option C: Volunteering in a formal literacy program in a public school

How much leave can I use?

The chart below shows the amount of leave that employees receive for each CSL option.

Type of Appointment Option A:
Community Service &  Parental Involvement
Option B:
Mentoring & Tutoring
Option C:
Literacy Program

Full-time- permanent, probationary, trainee, or time-limited


24 hours per calendar year, credited on January 1 of each year


One hour per week, not to exceed 36 hours per calendar year


Up to 5 hours per month, not to exceed 45 hours per calendar year

Part-time (half time or more) – permanent, probationary, trainee, or time-limited Prorated – equal to percentage of full-time amount  

Prorated – equal to percentage of full-time amount


Prorated – equal to percentage of full-time amount

 How do I take CSL?

  • Submit a leave request to your supervisor in advance
  • Enter and track CSL in Time Information Management (TIM)
  • Contact your departmental TIM Administrator for questions about entering CSL or leave balances

How can I find volunteer opportunities?

The links below offer a variety of service and volunteer opportunities that may qualify for CSL:

Tell us your story!

What exciting ways have you used Community Service Leave? OHR Benefits would love to know, and may feature your story in our communications.To submit your story, send an e-mail to benefits@unc.edu.Don’t forget to include a photo!


Contact UNC Human Resources at 919-843-2300.

Community Service Leave (CSL) Policy