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After your years of service to Carolina, there are some things you will want to review before you retire.

When you transition into retirement it is important you understand how your benefits will be impacted. Please review the Leaving the University webpage for information on how and when benefit participation will cease and your options for continuation, conversion or portability. You should also consult with a Benefits Consultant to understand your options for health care and retirement benefits.
How does Medicare work with the State Health Plan when you are no longer employed? Review the State Health Plan’s Retiree Health Information on coordination of benefits, prescription coverage and much more.

Individuals transitioning from an active employee status to a retiree status (e.g., no longer receiving a pay check directly from UNC-Chapel Hill), will automatically get a University affiliate. status. The benefits office will initiate the retiree being established as an affiliate during the retirement process. Affiliate status has to be renewed every 10 years. This will enable you to keep your Onyen, PID and your UNC email. Departments with Chair/Head approval can request for retiring faculty to have Emeritus status by contacting

Retirees can get a new UNC One Card which in turn facilitates continued access to various campus services (i.e. email access, employee discount program, campus recreation). The original UNC One Card held as an active employee will no longer be valid and must be reissued as a retiree.

Once a retiree’s PID as a University affiliate is activated, they must visit the UNC One Card office with a drivers’ license, passport or military ID for identification purposes and pay a One Card issuance fee. The UNC One Card Office is located in the Daniels Student Stores Building and can be reached at 919-962-8024 or email at

UNC retirees are automatically added to the online UNC Directory as a retiree status.
Information on retiree parking permits is available from the UNC Department of Public Safety.

Retired Faculty/Staff Permits: The Departmental Parking Coordinator for the retiree’s last employing department can assist in confirming availability of and obtaining issuance of a retiree parking permit.

There are other privileges that are extended to faculty retirees and additional information is provided in the Faculty Handbook.

In addition, Emeritus faculty may request University business cards to be printed to reflect their Emeritus title and current contact information. Such requests should be directed to the administrative office of the Department in which they were last appointed. Departments are encouraged to satisfy such requests but ultimately this is at each Chair’s discretion and subject to budget availability within the Department.