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The two major groups of permanent employees at the University are referred to as SHRA and EHRA. While these two groups are all state employees and have many similarities, some differences exist in terms of benefits, leave allowances, and policies.

Both of these classifications refer to the North Carolina Human Resources Act, which establishes the State Human Resources Systems and outlines parameters for position classification, salary, and many personnel policies and programs for employees paid entirely or in part from federal funds.

As a State entity, the University of North Carolina (UNC) system is subject to this Act, and University positions are administered in accordance with the provisions and requirements of that Act.


What is an SHRA employee?

Positions covered by the NC Human Resources Act are referred to as SHRA positions — in fact, SHRA is an abbreviation for “Subject to the N.C. State Human Resources Act.” SHRA positions include most, but not all, staff positions.

What is an EHRA employee?

Positions that are not subject to the NC Human Resources Act are referred to as EHRA, which is short for “Exempt from the Human Resources Act.” Four categories of positions have been largely exempted from coverage under the Act and fall into these non-faculty categories:

  • Instruction
  • Research
  • Public Service
  • Senior Academic & Administrative Officer (“SAAO”)