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To: School/Division HR Officers and Secondary Contacts
Business Managers
Background Check Initiators

From: Noreen Montgomery, Senior Director Employment & Staffing

As a follow-up to the presentations at the September Business Process Subcommittee, Carolina HR Council, HR Liaisons, and HR User Group meetings, we are pleased to announce the launch of two background check process enhancements going live Oct. 13. The enhancements include the ability to set background check invitation expiration dates and send automated candidate/appointee reminder emails at set intervals. These enhancements will improve candidate/appointee responsiveness to the background check invitation and reduce candidate/appointee turnaround time.

Expiration Dates

Background check invitation expiration dates will be set by default based on the appointment type (refer to the table below). The background check ePAR will be withdrawn upon reaching the expiration date.

Although the expiration date field will be pre-set based on the default, the background check initiator can edit the date before the background check ePAR is submitted. Background check initiators should ensure that the date is correct prior to ePAR submission as once it is submitted, the initiator can no longer make changes to the expiration date. If a date change in necessary, the initiator must submit a Help ticket to request the change.

In addition, the expiration date will be displayed in the background check ePAR search results as well as on the ‘In Progress ePARs’ query on the HR/Payroll Reporting Dashboard.

Default Invitation Expiration Date Frequency

Appointment Type Default Expiration Date
(Calendar Days)
Faculty Permanent & Temporary (incl. Adjunct with/without Intent to Pay) 60 days
SHRA Permanent & Temporary 14 days
EHRA Non-Faculty Permanent & Temporary 14 days
Resident/Clinical Fellow 14 days
UNC Independent Contractor 14 days
Post Doc 14 days
SHRA Student 30 days
Other (all other unpaid appts.) 90 days

Reminder Emails

Automated reminder emails will be sent to the candidates/appointees with a cc: to the background check initiator at the following intervals based on the background check invitation frequency.

  • 45 days prior expiration
  • 31 days prior expiration
  • 15 days prior expiration
  • 7 days prior expiration
  • 3 days prior expiration
  • 2 days prior expiration
  • 1 day prior expiration

For example, a permanent Faculty candidate who has a default 60-day background check invitation expiration date will receive reminder emails at 45, 31, 15, 7, 3, 2 and 1 days prior to invitation expiration.

It is important to note that reminder email functionality cannot be turned off for individual background check requests. In addition, candidates/appointees will continue to receive reminder emails until they respond to the background check invitation and complete the candidate questionnaire, the invitation expires or background check ePAR is withdrawn.


If you need assistance with an expiration date, please contact the Business Systems Help Desk at or (919) 962-4357.

If you should have any questions regarding this change, please contact the Background Check Supervisor, Karressa Overbey at (919) 962-9768 or

For general background check questions, please contact the Background Check unit at (919) 962-5742 or

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