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Join Organization and Professional Development’s Jen and Rochelle as they explore topics related to leadership, career development, working effectively, and all things professional development. Serious topics with a lighthearted, fun approach to make sure you’re Playing Well With Others.

Episode 5: Imposter Syndrome

Ever feel like you’re not owning your own achievements? Turns out, you’re not alone. Join Organization and Professional Development’s Jen Baker and Rochelle Stojnic as they talk about imposter syndrome—what it is, whom it affects and what strategies to take to start giving yourself more credit.

Transcript | Playing Well with Others: Episode 5


Episode 4: Growing your Career at Carolina

There’s many opportunities to grow your career at Carolina. Jen and Rochelle talk with Linc Butler about his unique path from a placement specialist for Tar Heel Temps to Associate Vice Chancellor. Explore different approaches to working towards your ideal career.


Episode 3: The Human in Human Resources

Join Jen and Rochelle as they interview the engaging Becci Menghini, Vice Chancellor of Human Resource and Equal Opportunity and Compliance, to see how we prioritize the people part of the Office of Human Resources. Learn how a human-centric approach to team development encourages engagement and overall happy employees.


Episode 2: The Neuroscience of Gratitude

With the world in flux and full of big changes, it’s easy to think about loss. Yet, neuroscience shows us how practicing acts of gratitude can help rewire our brain to become a more content and productive you.


Episode 1: Things We Miss and Keeping Team Culture Thriving

Remember those things that used to drive you crazy or used to seem mundane about working onsite? We do too and we’re missing it! Jen and Rochelle talk about five key ways you can strengthen your team’s culture and grow your effectiveness together.


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