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When a faculty member is appointed to an administrative role that is ongoing, e.g., assistant/associate chair of a unit, director of a clinic, assistant dean of a school, etc., then a ConnectCarolina Secondary Hire ePAR must be submitted with a letter from the dean or chair attached.


Letter from Dean or Chair

A letter to the Dean from the Chair or from the Dean is required with the following information:

  • Effective date of secondary appointment
  • End date of secondary appointment or statement that the appointment is without cause (if the latter then no end date is required)
  • Description of the duties
  • Amount of salary supplement if applicable (and a statement that the salary supplement will be removed once the secondary appointment is terminated)



Sample Letter

Dean Name
Dean, [insert School, College] University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
Carolina Campus
Dear Dr. [Insert Dean’s Name]  
I am writing to request that [insert faculty’s member name] be appointed as [insert administrative title]. This administrative appointment is effective [insert date] through [insert date or note that it is at-will] and carries a stipend of [insert amount].
In this role, [insert faculty member’s name and provide a brief explanation of duties].
Chair, Department