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Organization & Professional Development

UNC Human Resources Organization & Professional Development provides many learning opportunities for all UNC-CH employees by coordinating, designing and delivering specialized training programs and organizing development activities for teams.

Our Professional Development Courses are designed to develop and enhance essential workplace skills and increase job effectiveness and improve performance throughout the University. By continuing to develop and strengthen our workforce, UNC-Chapel Hill provides more enriching careers while ensuring that all Tar Heels have the necessary skills and knowledge to take us into the future.

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Tuition & Fee Waiver Programs

The purpose of the Tuition Waiver Program is to provide an opportunity for an eligible employee to have the tuition waived for a course taken at any of the constituent institutions of The University of North Carolina System. Participation is voluntary and courses may be taken for career development or for personal interest. Tuition charges will be waived for up to three courses per academic year and may be applied to courses that are appropriations-funded, such as regular undergraduate- and graduate-level courses, online courses, self-paced courses, and independent studies courses.

The Fee Waiver Program allows eligible employees and their spouses to waive certain University student fees (e.g., Student Health Service, athletic passes, Student Recreation Center, etc.). It does not apply to other fees required by specific schools or departments. This program is available to all permanent employees, and their spouse. In order to participate, an employee must maintain permanent employment status at 75% time (30 hours per work week) or more for the entire semester during which the fees are waived.

Note: A Student Fee Waiver is not needed if the student is also using a Tuition Waiver in the same semester or summer session.

Educational Assistance Program

The purpose of the educational assistance program is for workforce planning and development. It provides a tool for managers and employees to support academic activities that directly relate to the organization’s identified knowledge, skills, and behaviors (organizational competencies), and which support the mission, vision, and values of the organization.

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Application Fee Waiver Program

The Application Fee Waiver program allows employees to waive the application fees for applying for admission to an undergraduate or graduate degree program at UNC-Chapel Hill or for applying for admission to Credit Programs through the Friday Center for Continuing Education. The waiver must be requested from the appropriate admissions office prior to paying any application fee. Fees cannot be waived or reimbursed retroactively. Contact the appropriate admissions office for information for its specific processing requirements.

All permanent SHRA and EHRA non-faculty employees working full-time or part-time at UNC-Chapel Hill and applying for admission to a UNC-Chapel Hill academic program are eligible for the Application Fee Waiver. This program is not available to other State employees applying to UNC-Chapel Hill unless expressly allowed by the individual admissions office.

North Carolina College Savings Program

The College Foundation of North Carolina provides residents of any state with a means of investing funds to pay qualified higher education expenses of designated beneficiaries on a flexible basis. Participants choose how much to contribute and determine the investment direction of those funds.

UNC Family Fund Scholarship

The Carolina Family Scholarship was established in 2004 to provide scholarship support to the children of employees of UNC-Chapel Hill. The scholarship, which is need-based, may be used for study at any accredited North Carolina post-secondary public institution. This includes any of the 16 institutions in the UNC system, as well as local community and technical colleges.

Employee, Spouse & Dependent Scholarship

The Employee, Spouse, and Dependent Undergraduate Scholarship program was created to provide financial assistance to eligible employees and their dependents pursuing an undergraduate degree at UNC-Chapel Hill. A Tuition Waiver must be used first, if available. The amount of the scholarship award is contingent upon financial aid availability and covers in-state tuition and required fees for the courses, less the amount covered by the Tuition Waiver Program.

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