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What’s your first thought when you think of annual employee performance reviews? For many, it’s a time of the year in which you must remember all of your and your teams’ professional development and accomplishments that happened throughout the year, and a time to dedicate several hours to writing performance reports and filling out paperwork. What if we told you that soon you’ll have a more efficient — and hopefully more enjoyable — process to follow? The new Carolina Talent Performance tool will make administrative tasks easier to handle, keep trainings linked to development plans, and provide an opportunity for managers and employees to have meaningful performance conversations more often than once a year.


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  • Online performance forms and workflow
  • Robust development plans that can link Carolina Talent learning objects
  • Update goal and development plan progress throughout the year
  • Reports available


  • Never lose your performance document again
  • Correct form generated with basic employee job information pre-populated for manager
  • Managers can copy goals and development plans to multiple team members
  • Managers can easily advance goals to the next cycle
  • Managers can link Carolina Talent learning to development plans directly
  • Employee and Managers can collaborate on goal and development plan creation
  • HR can track real time performance data
  • Managers can track performance progress for all employees in chain
  • Meets HR Policy requirements 


Information about performance management policies and other details specific to SHRA and EHRA Non-Faculty employees can be found on the Performance Evaluation Policies page of the HR at UNC website.

For more HR resources related to Carolina Talent Performance, request to join the Performance Management Representatives Microsoft Team.

Performance Curriculum

Manager Webinar | March 21, 2023

Office Hours

Need help? Join us for April office hours online via Zoom through April 26th:

  • Tuesdays 10-11 a.m.
  • Wednesdays 3-4 p.m.

Technical Help

For technical help, please submit your request via the Carolina Talent Service Portal.

Important Dates

Annual Appraisal for SHRA and EHRA-NF

March 15 – 31

Employee self-assessment*

April 1 – 30

Manager enters appraisal or SHRA probationary review

May 1 – 20

HR checkpoint review

May 21 – June 3

Manager signs and releases appraisal to employee and schedules performance conference

15 days
from release

Employee acknowledgment*


SHRA Annual Competency Assessment

April 1 – June 3

Manager enters competency assessment

15 days after

Employee acknowledgment*



April 1 – June 3

Manager sets performance plan

15 days from set

Employee acknowledgment*


Other Reviews

July 1

SHRA probationary review

Oct. 1

Mid-cycle and SHRA probationary reviews

Jan. 1

SHRA probationary review


Performance check-ins, off-cycle reviews, off-cycle performance plans

*Employee steps are optional and will move on if not completed by the due date.