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This page provides an overview of important resources, key dates, tools and learning opportunities for employees and managers during performance season.




Carolina Talent Performance Hub

With step-by-step guides, FAQs and additional support to help you complete your tasks in Carolina Talent Performance, this new platform is built to ensure that you can find answers easily and efficiently. The Carolina Talent Performance Hub is designed to provide helpful solutions accessible anytime and a user-friendly experience that facilitates self-service and learning.

If you need technical help with Carolina Talent Performance,
submit a help request via the Carolina Talent Service Request in the UNC help portal.

Key Dates in the Performance Season

The timeline below outlines the steps in the annual performance appraisal process for performance-eligible SHRA and EHRA Non-Faculty employees. Please see the Carolina Talent performance season timeline graphic for a visual representation of the performance process.

March 15 – 31

Employees complete the optional self-assessment.

April 1 – 30

Managers complete the 2023–2024 performance appraisal task.

Beginning April 1

Managers and employees begin to consider and collaboratively draft performance and development goals for the coming year (to be included in the employee’s performance plan).

Managers begin the 2023-2024 competency assessment for SHRA employees.

May 1 – 20

HR Representatives complete the HR Checkpoint and review appraisals for compliance

By June 3

Managers complete any remaining 2023-2024 competency assessments for SHRA employees.

Managers sign the employee appraisal and release it for employee review.

Managers and employees meet for a performance conversation to discuss the annual appraisal and finalize performance and development goals for the coming year.

Managers submit the employee’s performance plan in Carolina Talent, including employee performance and development goals for the coming year.

Employees have 15 days following manager submission to acknowledge the performance plan and SHRA competency assessment in Carolina Talent. If a manager makes submissions on June 3, employees will still have 15 days for acknowledgement.


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