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OSHR Worksite Wellness: Mindful Eating Habits


When working toward healthy eating habits, we often focus on the types of foods we should or should not eat, but how we eat these foods can be equally important. In this free, statewide Worksite Wellness webinar, Katie Godin, RD, … Read more

Forgiving Yourself and Others


Become a happier, healthier person with better relationships by practicing forgiveness. We can forgive ourselves, just as we can forgive others, without having to become victims. Using reflection, compassion and accountability can help us to forgive. Workshop Objectives: In this … Read more

Event Series Virtual Mindful Meditation

Virtual Mindful Meditation

Online via Zoom NC, United States

Take advantage of self-compassion meditation sessions provided by School of Medicine and dedicate time to self-nurture. Mindfulness and self-compassion meditations assist with stress reduction, mental flexibility and even resilience. Sessions are 30-minutes every Friday led by Jonny Gerkin. About Jonny … Read more

Managing Personal Finances


Are money issues causing you to worry and stress? Do you buy items, even if you don’t need them, just because they are on sale and you know you are “saving money?” Do you pay only the minimum balance on … Read more