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Whether you need help finding part-time child care, pet care, or care for an aging relative, the Helping Heels list is a useful resource of over 100 Carolina affiliates, including over 50 volunteers, looking to help you with the care you need. The list is updated every fall, spring and summer semester.

Since fall 2020, the list is provided in dual partnership between the UNC-Chapel Hill Department or Work/Life & Wellness and the Carolina COVID-19 Student Services Corps (Carolina CSSC) supported the Office of Human Resources and the Office of the Provost.

Helping Heels: Spring 2023

PLEASE NOTE: The responsibility for screening potential caregivers rests solely and completely with the person hiring them. Work/Life & Wellness, nor the Office of the Provost, screens the Helping Heels caregivers listed.

If you’re looking to volunteer or promote your part-time caregiving services, email to be added to the Helping Heels list.

Juggle Now Available to UNC-Chapel Hill Families

Juggle provides a pool of energetic, educated and experienced sitters and recent grads to provide safer, smarter and simpler child care, and pet care too! Juggle helps make life a little easier with seamless payment and on-demand services for when you’re in a pickle. UNC-Chapel Hill employees now receive their first booking free waived. Click here for the code.

When busy families need a hand, why juggle?  Download the app today!

Juggle: iOS  Juggle: Android


PLEASE NOTE: The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill Office of Human Resources (OHR) promotes Juggle as a convenience to University faculty, staff, and students. OHR does not screen the caregivers provided by JUGGLE and makes no representations about their qualifications, conduct, or the services to be provided. OHR cannot recommend one particular party to another, and any employment relationship that results from the JUGGLE site does not involve the University. Users of JUGGLE are responsible for performing any screening or evaluation they desire. Caregivers and users must acknowledge that the University is not responsible for and will be held harmless against any injury, loss, claim, lawsuit, or other damage arising from or related in any way to the use of this care resource.

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