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Tinnitus: Did you hear that?


Discover the causes, triggers, and treatment options for tinnitus with UNC Health Audiologist, Allison Young, Au.D. Gain valuable insights and learn when it's time to seek professional help. Don't miss out! Join us for this informative session. Click here to … Read more

Ask the Dietitian: Spring into a Healthier You


  The spring and summer months are a great time to get outside and be active and plan healthier fresh meals that include vegetables and fruit. Join UNC Rex Wellness Dietitian, Natalie Newell, RD, LDN, to learn meal planning ideas … Read more

The Importance of Fiber


Do you know how much fiber you need? The Institute of Medicine estimates that only five percent of Americans meet the daily requirement for fiber. Fiber can help regulate blood sugar, control cholesterol and hunger and promote bowel regularity. So … Read more

Using Breath to Reduce Stress – Coffee with the Coach Webinar


April is Stress Awareness Month. Join Coach Julie to experience the power of your breath to produce calm and focus, and practical ways to incorporate breathing into your daily life. Click here to register. Learn more here.

Meal Planning the 6:1 Way – Food for Thought Webinar


Do you want to save both time and money when grocery shopping? Shelly Wegman, MS, RD, LDN will share some practical strategies, with a focus on the 6:1 shopping method. Click here to register.

OSHR Worksite Wellness: Macronutrient Balance


You may have heard of balancing macros or macronutrients, but do you know what this means? Macronutrients like protein, carbs and fat are all equally important. In this free, statewide Worksite Wellness webinar, Katie Godin, RD, LDN from LifeStyle Medical … Read more

Food for Thought Webinar – Gut Health: A Food First Approach


Learn how the foods you eat can impact your digestive system and overall health. Join Natalie Newell, RD, LDN, to discover ways to enhance immunity, reduce chronic disease risks, and promote better health through dietary choices. Click here to register. … Read more

Understanding Weight Loss Plateaus


Weight loss plateaus are a completely normal, yet confusing part of losing weight. Understanding why they happen and how to work through them can be crucial to continuing your weight loss journey. In this free, statewide Worksite Wellness webinar, Katie … Read more