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Welcome to the UNC-Chapel Hill Employee Discount Program. The discount program is a partnership with local, statewide and national businesses that offer discounts or other incentives to Carolina employees.

To use the program, identify yourself as a UNC-Chapel Hill employee when making a purchase. Some discounts will require membership cards, account numbers, brochures, order forms, or other information. Specific discounts may require different ways to order. For example, you may need to:

  •        Download and fax/mail an order form, or
  •        Pick up or request a coupon or card from the Benefits Services Department
  •        Call or email the company directly, or
  •        Show your UNC One Card at the time of pick-up or purchase
Each discount listing on the site will indicate how to go about placing an order.

The Office of Human Resources provides this discount program summary information solely as a convenience to UNC-Chapel Hill employees, retirees and their families. Human Resources does not warrant or recommend any product or service listed. UNC Chapel Hill and its business partners have the right to discontinue the partnership at anytime.


All permanent employees of The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill (EHRA and SHRA, part-time and full-time) are eligible to participate in the discount program. Exceptions may be made on a discount-by-discount basis. Retirees of the University are also eligible to participate in the discount program.

Discount Categories


If you have any questions about the discount program, please email us at