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The UNC-Chapel Hill Discount Program provides UNC-Chapel Hill faculty and staff various service and entertainment opportunities at discounted costs. The discounts are possible due to the voluminous purchasing strength of the University workforce of more than 12,000 employees.

Registration Process

If your company or organization would like to offer discounts to UNC-Chapel Hill employees, please:

  1. Complete the UNC-Chapel Hill Discount Program Vendor Registration Form
  2. Email your completed form with a high-resolution logo to

Then your offer will be reviewed. Once a decision has been made, the Benefits Services team will respond to the contact person provided on the form.


Our staff will conduct an independent review of all potential and existing discount vendors/businesses through the Better Business Bureau of America (BBB). In instances where a vendor has access to the personal property of an employee, the vendor must provide proof of license and bonding, along with three (3) professional references in writing.

Consequently, UNC-Chapel Hill reserves the right to discontinue offering a discount for any business at any time if warranted by a negative BBB report when the business refuses to address and resolve the situation. Furthermore, if Benefits Services or any entity of UNC-Chapel Hill receives complaints about a business, the discount can be removed from publication without warning.

UNC-Chapel Hill does not endorse or affirm the quality of products or services provided by discount program vendors.


  • The Discount Program features products and services at a minimum 10 percent discount to UNC-Chapel Hill faculty and staff.
  • Approved businesses or vendors offering a minimum 10 percent discount are published on the UNC-Chapel Hill discount program web site and published through an email listserv reaching more than 12,000 faculty and staff.
  • All submissions for discounts for products and services must include a publishable contact name, email address, phone number, and company logo.
  • All submissions must be submitted as the vendor would like them to appear advertised, including any restrictions associated with the offer.
  • Vendors/businesses must require that a valid UNC-Chapel Hill ID (UNC OneCard) be presented to receive the discount offer.
  • If the discount is accessible online, the vendor should provide a special access code when submitting the offer to ensure the discount is available to UNC-Chapel Hill faculty and staff.
  • Vendor/businesses must be in good standing with the Better Business Bureau (BBB).


  • We do not advertise apartment or home rentals (personally owned) of UNC-Chapel Hill faculty and staff.
  • We do not accept listings for discounts on professional services (accountants, law firms, financial advisors, etc).


Vendor Registration Form


The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill Office of Human Resources (OHR) maintains the Discounts and Perks as a convenience to University faculty, staff and students. OHR does not screen the vendors on this list and makes no representations about their qualifications, conduct, or the services to be provided. Users of the discounts are responsible for performing any screening or evaluation they desire.