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Administrative leave may be scheduled for multiple reasons, including: adverse weather; pandemic and communicable disease events; and administrative absences, which may be used for various reasons such as for employees attending conferences, or if an employee has been placed on investigatory status with pay status.

In order for an event to be eligible for administrative absence leave, it must occur during the employee’s regular work schedule. If an employee’s job responsibilities include attendance at an activity or event, then attendance will be considered a work assignment and be included as hours worked for purposes of computing overtime for Fair Labor Standards Act nonexempt employees.

Unless the University announces a change in status, the campus operates on a regular schedule. Based on information from grounds, police and transportation staffs, Chapel Hill Transit, law enforcement agencies, the National Weather Service, and other sources, the University may activate one of three Adverse Weather Conditions (Condition 1, 2, and 3). The University is committed to announcing a change in class or work schedules as far in advance as possible so students, faculty and staff can plan their travel to and from campus accordingly.

The purpose of the Pandemic and Communicable Disease Emergency Policy is to outline provisions covering the following human resource areas in case of a communicable disease or other serious public health threat that is declared by the public health officials to be a public health emergency, including: designation of mandatory employees; compensation for mandatory employees; accounting for absences; and emergency furlough provisions.